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What & Who is a Diocesan Priest?


Diocesan Priest shares the One Priesthood of Jesus Christ as he servers the needs of the people in a particular region. He is directly responsible to the Bishop of the Diocese. The Spirituality of the Diocesan Priests in Malaysia is based on Jesus and the Gospel values lived and expressed in the Malaysia situation.


Co-Workers of the Bishop

  • Member of The Diocesan Clergy With The Bishop As Head.
  • Entrusted By The Bishop To A Particular Ministry
  • Shares With His Fellow Priests A Collective Sense Of Responsibility In The Diocese
  • Do Not Live In Communities But Have A Strong Sense Of Fraternal Brotherhood


Spiritual Guide

  • A Man Of Prayer Guiding And Nurturing His Flock To Repond To The Call To Holiness, To Participate In The Paschal Mystery Of Christ, To Cultivate A Deep Friendship With Jesus – To Search And Find Him In W.O.G, In Liturgy, In The Service Of Charity
  • He Encounters Men And Women Not In The Sacristy But In The Context Of Their Own Lives And Work And Assists Them To See God Working Through Them.
  • Most Of All A Lover Of The Eucharist


Teacher- Facilitator

  • He Leads The Flock Into The Storehouse Of Wisdom And Faith That Is The Church And Together With Them Read The Signs Of The Times To Discern How Best To Cooperate With God In Building Of His Kingdom.


Living the Spirit Of Poverty

  • Although He Does Not Take The Vows Of Poverty (Like Religious Priests), The Diocesan Priest Lives The Spirit Of Poverty And Charity
  • He Makes Us Of Temporal Goods To Maintain A Sober And Simple Lifestyle So That He May Be More Devoted To His Ministry.


Servant- Leader

  • He Exercise His Leadership Role In Humble Service To The Community
  • Valuing Gifts Of The Lay Faithful, He Draws Them Forth In The Service Of The Entire Community And Collaborates With Others To Promote The Reign Of God.


Man of Compassion

  • He Is Well Aware Of His Own Weaknesses, Limitations And Sinfulness
  • Having Experienced The Compassion Of God He Now In Turn Reaches Out As An Instrument Of Divine Healing And Compassion To The Poor, Aged, Abused, Sick etc.
  • He articulates The Needs Of The Voiceless, The Minorities, The Suffering – While At The Same Time Tries To Empower Them.


From The People, To the People

  • The Diocesan Priest Belongs To The Community Which He Ministers
  • His Life, Ministry And Spirituality Is One Of Engagement With The World Which Includes The Family And Parish Community, Who Together Are Called To Witness To The Gospel As Priest, Prophet And King.



  • For The Diocesan Priest, There Are Many Ways Of Expressing The Priesthood.
  • There Are Diocesan Priests Ministering In Parishes, Lecturing In The Seminary, Working With Specialized Groups (Eg. Orang Asli), Conducting Retreats Etc.
  • Deeply Rooted In The Truth And Charity Of Christ
  • Impelled By The Desire To Proclaim Christ Salvation To All -- Pdv # 18
  • Common Quest For The Truth
  • Concern For The Promotion Of Justice And Peace -- Pdv # 18