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What Is Priesthood?

The Priesthood is a continuation of Christ's work. It is a call from Christ to live with Him and serve His people. Just as Jesus chose His apostles to continue His work on earth, the Priesthood is a extension and continuation of the work entrusted to them. The sacrament of Holy Orders sanctifies a person to carry out God's plan of salvation. It is the priest who brings God to the people, and who brings the people to God.

The Priesthood is a life of self-sacrifice and service, and being a priest is no ordinary job. In any given day, a Diocesan priest may experience a full circle of life through his role as spiritual father to many - he may celebrate a baptism to welcome a new member into the church, witness a marriage to unite a man and woman for life, and offer a funeral Mass to bring a soul home to God.

A vocation to the Priesthood is a response to the love of God in one's life, and it is a life lived with a purpose to restore and recover a love of God in the world, people you do not know and who don't know you are praying for you.