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Sacerdotal Ordination Anniversary


KL Seminarians Easter Wishes

How does one prepare to be a Diocesan Priest

Preparation to enter Seminary

? A candidate needs to be prepared to enter seminary and the least that he should know and be guided in preparation to the seminary.
? These sessions are given monthly and given enough time to reflect on his call. The candidate is given scripture passages to reflect in prayer and throughout the time before he/she returns for the next direction.
? This could be called pre-seminary accompaniment and spiritual direction to the seminary.
? Preferably the candidate should have gone through the camps above and recommended by the priests.
? One year to 10 months accompaniments and discernment.
? Things that the candidate should do as a disciple of Christ:
i. Daily prayer (Meditation, visit to blessed sacrament, rosary, personal and reflective prayer)
ii. Daily mass if possible
iii. Daily reading of God's word
iv. Participating in the Church's activities
v. Regular Confession
vi. Have a spiritual director

? This sessions are only for those who are seriously discerning to enter Seminary/novitiate

The monthly Sessions

1 General on the call.
a. What is the candidates call?
b. The experience of God and what made him decide to want to become a priest.
c. What his experience of life?
d. What are the things / experience/signs pointing towards the vocation of a priest?
e. What is his education level; does he meet the criteria ( the least - 5 credits in form five)
f. The director should be able to sieve out the needed info to direct the candidate.
g. The candidate is directed to and confirm the movement inside him
h. The candidate is directed to pray and taught silent prayer
i. To be followed up after one month.

2 Knowing the Person of Christ

3 The human person
a. The body as created by God
b. feeling
c. Intellect
d. Psychology – is he a normal person?
e. Soul
f. Stress given on the spirituality of a human person
g. Scripture texts: Gen 1-2, Mt. 1-4, Jn1: 1-18
h. To be followed up during the next month – question the inner movement, thing that he not comfortable with – unsolved issues in life and family at the human level – there could be underlying psychological issues.
i. If there are some psychological problems, he may need counseling; he should be directed to proper channels.
j. "From the crowd to the crowd"

4 Human sexuality – the understanding of sexuality
a. The person – He is A man
b. The opposite sex – the physiological differences, the advantages and disadvantages, how the sexes compliment each other.
c. Celibacy – freely embraced, total consecration, life of resurrection
d. Homosexuality and lesbianism – a fruitless union and the teaching of the church is emphasized.
e. Scripture texts: Mt. 19:12, Mt 10: 37, Mt 19:11, 1Cor 7:32-34, 1Cor 7:6-7

5 The call of God (OT) – the persons and God of the call (this episode are given to help the candidate to reflect and recognize the God who calls him.
? Genesis – the call of Adam
? Abraham
? Samuel
? Isaiah
? Jeremiah
1. There is a need
2. God calls
3. Reveals himself
4. Mission

6 Call of God in NT – Jesus (God) calls
? Our Lady
? St Peter
? St. Paul

7 What is to be a disciple of Jesus
a. Come and see – slow revelation of the person of Christ Jn 1:35-51
b. They left their nets and followed him – detachment Mt 19: 16-30,
c. The hardships/urgency in following Jesus Lk 9: 57-62, 12: 51-53, Mk 8:34-38
d. Cost of discipleship Lk 14:28-33
e. Servant hood – Mt 18: 1-4
f. The greatest commandment Mk 12: 28-34
g. Called to be fishers of man Lk 5: 1-11, Lk 9: 1-6
h. Reward of discipleship Mk 10: 28-31

8 Jn. 18-21 ( a reflection on the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ )
a. Arrest
b. Desertion of the apostles
c. Denial of Peter
d. The suffering and Crucifixion
e. The "fulfillment"
f. Resurrection
g. Peter's call renewed
h. God in control

9 The mission of the apostles
a. The waiting and decent of the Holy spirit
b. Peter the leader
c. St. Stephen
d. The call of St. Paul (conversion of St. Paul)
e. St. Paul's Missions to the gentiles
f. A brief analysis of the discipleship lived by the apostles

10 The mission of the early church
a. The early fathers of the church
b. The persecution and the growing church
c. The Emperor Constantine
d. St Augustine – "My soul will not rest until it rests in God"
e. The desert fathers and development of Celibacy as a way of life (St. Anthony of the Desert)
f. The spread of the church to the whole world.

11 Today's church's mission
a. The church after Vatican 2
b. The church and Science
c. The church and Archeology
d. The church and cultures/Traditions
e. The church and music

12 Our local church's mission and presbyterium (this is for west Malaysian Church)
a. BEC as our basic mission
b. The PMPC emphasis
c. The presbyterium – the local clergy
d. ETC as it fits.

13 What is to be a diocesan priest?
a. Minister of the sacrament
b. Preacher of the word
c. Leader of the community