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Am I Called ?

We are all called. Jesus is calling us to follow Him and be His disciple. But is He calling you to become a priest?

As a baptised man considering the Priesthood, with the right motives and the inward sense that God is calling you, you should consider this calling as an invitation from Christ. It is a gift from God, and you need to decide how to respond to this gift.

Being a priest is not easy, but then again, what way of life is? If you believe that Christ is calling you then you owe it to yourself to determine what exactly you are being called to do. Discernment is accomplished through prayer and spiritual guidance. Because Christ speaks to you and comes to you through His church, you will need the church to help you discern your vocation.

The question is not: "What am I to do with my life?"

The question is: "What is God calling me to do?"

These questions are posed to you to help you in finding your true happiness and fulfillment while doing the will of God.

When it comes to being called to the Priesthood, the question is not whether or not being a priest is something you want to do. God wants you to do it. So the question is, are you willing?

Priests are needed for the salvation of mankind. Are you willing to be a priest for the salvation of souls and for the glory of God?

If you answer "yes," it is a good indication that you are being called to the Priesthood.

If you answer "no," then ask yourself why not, and pray about it. Through prayer and reflection, the path will become clearer.


A Sign!

The signs that may indicate a possible vocation to the Priesthood are not usually outward signs. They are inward qualities or attributes that you might possess because you are chosen.


Some of these signs include:

Loving God and Neighbor—you want to know God intimately and bring His love to the world for the salvation of others.
A Generous Heart and Willingness to Sacrifice—becoming a priest means leading a life of self-sacrifice.


Questions You Can Ask Yourself:

Do you want to draw closer to Jesus, sharing in His life and His teachings with others?
Do you want to live a life of self-sacrifice as Jesus did?
Can you put aside your own interests and urges and live for others, as Jesus did?
Can you relate to others as "one who serves" and love even those people who are thought to be unlovable?
Can you be happy with others and happy when alone?
Are you committed to daily prayer, conversing with God and considering His will?
Are your thoughts of being a priest persistent? Do you feel that God is trying to tell you something?


7 H --- for Priestly or Religious Vocations
(Dear my beloved, the last questions that you will ask after answering all the above is these thoughts. Do you have them or cultivate these well in yourself? If these are there and its good within you, then give a serious thought towards any vocation especially the Priesthood and Religious Life. God bess)

1. Head - A person who is balance in studies and career. INTELLECTUALLY

2. Heart - A person who is ready to love. COMPASSION

3. Hands - A person who is ready to serve.SERVANTHOOD  

4. Humour - A person who is accept humour (gives and receives). JOYFUL

5. Humility - A person who is humble to himself and others. HUMBLE

6. Health - A person who is in good health. HEALTHY

7. Hospitality - A person who is welcoming to all. GENEROUS